Written by Kai Chmieleffski on Thursday April 2, 2020

Here at PDI I want to provide you with the best services possible while maintaining a reasonable, competitive price. 
When commissioning work to PDI you can be sure that you will receive a work of highest quality, containing full documentation that allows you to understand exactly what has been done and why. 

A high level of education and a long lasting interest in the field of electronics allowed me to acquire a wide spectrum of knowledge in many fields of electronics design. You need something? I create it for you.

In addition to that I enjoyed a good hands on apprenticeship - hand crafts and customer support aren't anything I am scared about. You need something repaired, restored or modified? I am shure we can find a solution. 

Using modern software like Altium CircuitStudio, the small brother of Altium Designer, I can provide you with state of the art electronics design engineering services. A well equiped laboratory supports in building prototypes, troubleshooting and repair work, and an additional mechanics workspace allows the modification of your device to make it fit your personal needs.